Fox News ‘Expert’: If We Took Their Gun Rights Away, Terrorists Would Kill Us With Ford Pick-Up Trucks

According to one Fox News “expert” on counterterrorism, if we took away terrorist’s gun permits, they’d kill us with F-150 trucks.

Christ Almighty. Sometimes the only word you can manage is “stupid,” and even then, it’s a gross understatement.

“Use your F-150”

Early on Sunday, a gunman walked into an Orlando, Florida, gay nightclub and opened fire, killing 50 people before they were shot and killed by the police.

And while it’s the largest mass shooting in American history, it’s also one of many, many mass shootings that the country experiences on a damn near regular basis.

Fox News host Bret Baier noted during his coverage of the shooting that the shooter, Omar Mateen, possessed a Class G statewide firearms license, despite having been placed on the watch list by the FBI and having been accused of domestic abuse by his ex-wife.

This prompted Fox News counterterrorism “expert” Sebastian Gorka to opine that:

He passed everything. Let’s be really clear about this. We could get a magic wand and the president could make all legally-owned weapons disappear in America, [but] jihadis will keep killing Americans on U.S. soil.

I wasn’t aware anyone was advocating that, but okay. We’ll humor him — he needs it, after all.

He went on to point out an issue of Al Qaeda’s Inspire magazine, noting “There’s a giant poster on one of the pages that says, ‘Use your F-150 to kill the infidel.’”

He continued:

They will kill us with whatever tools they need. Pipe bombs are illegal in America, it is illegal to construct a pipe bomb. What did the Tsarnaev brothers do in Boston? Did it stop them from building pipe bombs. It didn’t.

So, the idea that legislation or focusing on a tool, a weapon or an explosive is going to mitigate this threat or make it disappear, again, is fantasy land.

Theft is illegal, but people do it anyway. Rape is illegal, but people do it anyway. Flying planes into World Trade Centers is presumably illegal, but that didn’t stop it. Walking into a nightclub and killing 50 people is illegal, but it happened. So, the idea that legislation or focusing on a behavior or an action is going to mitigate this threat or make it disappear, again, is fantasy land. The only logical conclusion is to have no laws at all. If they’re not 100% effective, they’re not worth having.

I wasn’t aware that gun nuts supported the idea behind The Purge, but that they do doesn’t surprise me in the least.

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