Fox News ‘Expert’ Claims Parts Of England Are Off Limits To Non-Muslims, Gets Mocked For His Stupidity (IMAGES/VIDEO)

Citizens of the United Kingdom are learning something that many Americans have known for years: Fox “News” just makes things up. Now, Twitter users in the UK, and elsewhere, are responding to the latest Fox “News” lie with a new hashtag, #FoxNewsFacts.

Terror “expert” Steve Emerson appeared on the “fairly unbalanced” network with rabidly insane host Jeanine Pirro, where he made this outrageous claim:

And in Britain, it’s not just no-go zones, there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in.

Pirro sits back, an astonished look on her face, when she hears the claim. The horror! The horror!! But Emerson isn’t done. He continues:

And parts of London, there are actually Muslim religious police that actually beat and actually wound seriously anyone who doesn’t dress according to Muslim, religious Muslim attire.

Since this comes from Fox “News,” do we have to tell anyone that it is pure and utter bullsh*t?

The BBC reports on the comments, saying that Emerson has apologized for them. But the problem with comments such as Emerson’s is, there is no apology that can put the false information he has spread, perhaps intentionally, back into the bottle. Scott Lucas, who is a Professor of American Studies at the University of Birmingham, says that Emerson is just spouting the nonsense that some Americans want to hear.

He [Emerson] speaks in sound bites that some people want to hear. Some people want to hear it’s us versus them, it’s America versus the rest of the world, that it’s white Americans versus – let’s be honest – those who aren’t white and those who profess a different faith. Unfortunately, if you tap into that you will be in demand for certain media outlets who give you your 15 seconds of infamy.

If Professor Lucas can see through Fox “News” from 3,000 miles away, how come more people can’t see through them here at home? Oh yeah. There’s a “black Kenyan Muslim terrorist” in the White House that they have been hearing about for years — from Fox “News.” Be afraid. Be very afraid.

For the record, the BBC says that the population of Birmingham, as of the last census, was as follows:

  • The city’s population estimated at 1,073,045
  • Christian: 494,358
  • Muslim: 234,411
  • Sikh: 32,376
  • Hindu: 22,362
  • Buddhist: 4,780
  • Jewish: 2,205
  • Other: 5,646
  • No religion: 206,821
  • Religion not stated: 70,086

Fox “News”: Adored (by some) in America, laughed at in England.

This incident has ignited Twitter users across the UK. Since the story hit the British press, Twitter has been alive with the hashtag #FoxNewsFacts. Here are some of the more brilliant tweets on the topic.

Abdul Mufeez Shaheed sees a Muslim conspiracy in highway construction.

Are highways a Muslm plot?

Tom Watson found proof that Mecca is actually in England.

Mecca is in England?

Pavilion Opinions found a Muslim guarding the city gates.

Cricket, or a Muslim guard?

And, in a shocker, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, has been forced to convert to Islam!

Queen Elizabeth converts to Islam?

Fox “News,” inspiring aspiring journalists around the world.

Fox News inspires journalism students.

Even British Prime Minister, Conservative David Cameron, is weighing in. He told ITV that Emerson is “clearly an idiot.” Cameron says he “choked on my porridge” when he heard Emerson’s remarks.

As funny/sad as this “goof” by Fox “News” is, when you get past Emerson’s ridiculous remarks about Birmingham, and London, and listen to the entire clip, it’s downright scary, especially considering that this segment came shortly after Jeanine Pirro’s opening statement, which she begins with, “We need to kill them.” And what Emerson says is 100 percent untrue.

Here’s the clip, via Fox “News”:


Featured image: via screen capture

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