Fox Host RIPS Co-Hosts A New One For Claiming Obama Faked It: ‘It Makes Us Look Bad’ (VIDEO)

Fox News contributor Joanne Nosuchinsky revealed on Thursday’s edition of Red Eye she’s sick of being mocked because of her colleagues, who continue to accuse President Obama of using crocodile tears while talking about the children who died of gun violence on Tuesday.

If she’s tired of being mocked, the best solution is to just leave Fox altogether. Nobody but tools takes that network seriously, anyway.

“Pepper to his eye”

On Tuesday morning, President Obama gave a speech about gun violence in which he began to break down and show visible tears. This is understandable; as a father himself, he probably feels the same all too real fear every parent in the country feels, knowing he could lose either of his daughters to gun violence.

This is modern America. Cook up videos claiming fetuses are being “murdered” and “sold” and suddenly stuff gets done, because “babies are being killed.” Murder a classroom of actual babies? I’m sorry, did pro-lifers even blink, because they sure as hell didn’t move to get anything done.

So if it wasn’t tears of pain, it was tears of pain and tears of frustration.

Of course, Fox “News” can’t have that. The president? Crying? That’s Unpossible! Thus, we have Tantaros cynically — heartlessly — claiming on Tuesday Obama used an onion to help him cry, and why Red Eye panelist Michael “Gunz” Gunzelman argued he used a “pepper to his eye” on Thursday.

“He put pepper to his eye,” Gunzelman said, as he touched the corner of his eye. “And that’s how he started to cry. This is the breaking news that you need to know. He was not really crying there.”

While host Tom Shillue said he didn’t want to go that far, he did say he doubted the president’s tears were real:

But what if he used his acting chops, of which he’s very skilled, he’s a good actor. So what if he turned on the water works for political effect?

That’s probably the only compliment I’ve ever heard a Fox “News” host give the president in his last two terms — and it’s a backhanded one.

It did, however, cause contributor Joanne Nosuchinsky to jump in, accusing her co-hosts of making Fox “look bad” when they fling these baseless accusations:

I just really don’t think he did! It makes us look bad by saying that!

She continued, saying:

When he’s crying after talking about little children who died in mass murder, of course, you’re going to cry. Like, that’s what happens. It happens sometimes, and I don’t fault him for that.

This moment of humanity was out-shined by the stupid that came next, however, when Nosuchinsky suggested “gun-free zones” were the real cause of mass shootings — a claim that’s been debunked.

A bit of advice to Nosuchinsky: if you’re tired of being mocked, it’s time to abandon ship. Mocking is the only thing Fox is good for anymore.

Watch the video below:

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