Fox Host Is Upset Because Liberals Called A Christian Terrorist A ‘Christian Terrorist’ (VIDEO)

The folks at the Fox News show Outnumbered are beside themselves because the left decided to call Planned Parenthood attacker Robert Lewis Dear exactly what he is turning out to be — a right-wing Christian terrorist. The nerve!

On November 30, host Andrea Tantaros, who is a virtual factory of ridiculous comments, engaged in a conversation with another 25-watt bulb, Fox Business host Charles Payne, in which the two were simply outraged that anyone might have suggested during the siege in Colorado Springs that the shooter was an abortion foe, or a Christian, or — gasp! — a Republican.

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There were certainly people who were speculating on social media about Robert Dear’s motives while the situation was unfolding, but there were no Democrats or liberal figures who were out in public, saying that the anti-abortion movement was to blame. There was, however, a Republican congressman on CNN saying that it was Planned Parenthood’s fault, because “baby parts.”

Payne seemed to take a similar angle to that of the congressman, saying, “People have an opposition…to the idea of taxpayers funding Planned Parenthood and abortion…Particularly when they’re talking about selling baby parts.” Payne seems to have missed the fact that a law called the “Hyde Amendment” has prohibited federal funds being used for most abortions since the 1970’s. But this is Fox, where facts never get in the way of the story they want to tell.

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Tantaros was just outraged at the thought that someone might even suggest that the attacker might be politically right of center. She says,

I think this was pretty predictable. You saw on Twitter a lot of people rushing to judgement. The same people who hesitate using the phrase Islamic terrorism were very quick to use the term ‘Christian.’

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She has a very short memory. Here is what Tantaros tweeted during the Paris attacks on November 13. Note the time stamp on her tweet: 5:50 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. At that time, no one was certain that the Paris attacks were the work of Islamic extremists. French police would storm the Bataclan concert hall about 30 minutes later, but it would be the following day before it was clear who was responsible, as tweets from various news agencies make clear. But Tantaros was ready to point fingers.

via Twitter

via Twitter

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But it’s a different standard for Tantaros, Payne, and the rest of the gang on “Outnumbered” when the terrorist is American, white, and Christian.

Here’s video of the segment:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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