Four-Year-Old Shoots Himself With His ‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Grandfather’s Gun (VIDEO)

A four-year-old Michigan boy is in serious condition after shooting himself in the abdomen while playing with his grandfather’s gun.

WXYZ reports that the boy’s grandfather works as a security guard. The man put the gun on top of the refrigerator while he was getting ready for work. The child reportedly used chairs to climb and get the gun off of the refrigerator, and was playing with it when his grandfather came back into the room. He startled the boy, and the gun went off.

This type of story has been repeated far too often in recent times. The names and places change, but the story is always the same. A person who supposedly knows how to handle a firearm leaves that firearm unattended. A child gets the firearm and shoots him or herself, or someone else. What don’t people understand about the curiosity of children? Kids have climbed onto the counter to get into the cookie jar for years. So when someone puts a gun somewhere that they assume is out of reach of a child, they should realize that the child’s curiosity is likely to cause him to attempt to get it. The only time anything is completely safe from a child is when it is placed under lock and key, and an adult has hold of the key.

Here’s a report on the incident, from WXYZ:

Featured image via Pixabay

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