Former Majority Leader: Donald Trump Is God’s Gift To Christians (VIDEO)

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is convinced that Donald Trump was sent by God to give the Religious Right a “clean slate.”

The former congressman sat down for an interview last week with WorldNetDaily, a right-wing conspiracy site, to promote his new book, “Revival! Revolution! Rebirth!.” DeLay also took the opportunity to explain that he now believes Trump is a gift from God to Christians in America.

“Now that Trump is elected, I’m very excited about it because I see now what God is doing,” DeLay said. “First of all, He stopped the left in its tracks and He stopped Hillary Clinton and put a man in place that was a strong leader, which the country was begging for.”

“I think I see what God’s intentions were,” he continued. “Here’s a man that basically is a clean slate and we, being Christian constitutionalist conservatives, have an opportunity to fill in that slate …  We, being strong Christians conservatives, are going to have an opportunity to really turn this country around in a bold way.”

Trump, the guy who has been married three times. The guy who has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple women, including a 13-year-old girl. The guy whose thinks pick up lines are a waste of time and would rather just “grab ’em by the pussy.” The guy who is the walking talking embodiment all seven deadly sins. This is the guy God sent as a gift to his devoted followers? Seriously?

Watch Tom DeLay proclaim that Trump is a gift from God, here:

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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