Florida Publix Customers Forget They Aren’t In Wal-Mart, Get Into Fist Fight In The Deli (VIDEO)

If you have ever been inside a Publix Supermarket then you know that it is not exactly the place in which you would expect to see two people trading blows.  But that is exactly what happened in Temple Terrace, Florida.

According to police, the fight happened on September 16 after one customer didn’t like the way another one was speaking to a female employee of the store.  Raleigh Harris, 59, was ordering fried chicken from the deli when he got into an argument with the employee. Leon Travis Lightbody, 25, overheard the way Harris was speaking to the woman, and that’s when fists started flying.

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Jessica Jordan, a bystander, caught the fight on video and said that she called 911 when she realized nobody else had. In addition to the two men fighting, two other shoppers got involved and Publix employees tried to break it up.

Police said Harris was injured during the altercation and Lightbody was charged with simple assault.

This is the second time this summer a fight has broken out in a Publix deli in Florida. In July at a store in Orlando, two men brawled after one man screamed at another’s pregnant wife. That incident was also caught on video.

This is definitely not something that you would expect to see at Publix.  Clearly they thought they were shopping at Wal-Mart. While it was nice of Lightbody to step in and defend the employee from the craptastic customer, at a certain age you have got to learn how to control your anger. It’s not cool to get into a fist fight when you are an adult; it’s time to grow up.

Watch the fight below:

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