Florida Mother Arrested After Beating Girl With Belt And Advertising It On Victim’s T-shirt (VIDEO)

A woman in Brooksville, Florida has been arrested and charged with child abuse for beating a middle school girl with a belt and forcing her to wear a humiliating t-shirt to school.

Melany Joyce Alexander, mother of six, admitted to hitting her daughter with the belt after officials at West Hernando Middle School alerted authorities to the assault after the young girl arrived at school wearing a t-shirt with the following message written across the front and back in marker.

My name is *******. I currently have all F’s in all of my classes. I am not aloud [SIC] to have a boyfriend no time soon. So back OFF before I get another good woopin [SIC] like I got last night. Also, I can no longer have ANY friends until ALL of my F’s are all brought up to C’s and Up!!!

Screen Capture from Fox 13 Video

Screen Capture from Fox 13 Video

So unless you are helping me with this goal back off!!! My eating French fries and being a social butterfly is over because I know why my parents send me to school. I now know the IMPORTANCE of my education. I will learn. I will listen to my teacher’s [SIC] and be respectful, at all times. I will do these things because I am failing . . . due to my social life. Want to be my friend help me by not!!!


Screen Capture from Fox 13 Video

Screen Capture from Fox 13 Video

The school provided the girl with a new shirt, but contacted the police after seeing bruises and marks indicative of the “woopin” referenced on the shirt.

According to WFLA Tampa, “Investigators say the belt had metal divots on it that left clear impressions in several places, including on the student’s arms, neck, chest, back and legs.”

They reported:

She was hit with a belt all over her body basically from the neck to the legs and it did leave pretty substantial marks. This wasn’t a spank you with the hand that maybe you got when you were small on our behinds. This is person was obviously very upset,” said Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis.

This isn’t the first time Melany Joyce Alexander has found herself in the Hernando County Detention Center. She was arrested in 2011, charged with stalking, harassment and criminal mischief, and violated her probation twice last year.

This time, Alexander was charged with one count of cruelty toward a child in which the abuse causes great bodily harm or a disability. She was released after a $2,500 bond was posted and is not to have contact with the child. However, as WFLA reports, the Department of Children and Families has yet to place the child in protective custody.

Watch the video from Fox13 News below.

Images via YouTube Screen Capture and Hernando County Detention Center

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