WATCH: HOLY CRAP! – Michelle Obama Is A Bad*ss! (VIDEO)

When this video came across my newsfeed, my jaw dropped. In response to a challenge by President Obama to show him five exercises that will make you healthier, the First Lady posted a video on that makes my 43-year-old body ache just by watching it.

First there’s the jump rope. Rocky Balboa would be proud. With perfect form she demonstrates how to send the right-wing nut jobs who criticize her to the hospital in respiratory arrest.

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The medicine ball ab exercises are just painful to watch. The First Lady’s perfectly flat stomach is well-deserved.

Squat jumping is next. From a stationary stance to a weight-bench in a single thrust isn’t only incredibly difficult, it’s something high-school and college football players struggle with.

Bench-pressing is probably the most common exercise on the video, one that will have a lot of people saying, “I can do that.” Still her form is impeccable.

Last but certainly not least is the heavy bag. With a few lightning-fast jabs and a roundhouse kick, Michelle Obama demonstrates that she’s probably the most intimidating person on her own security detail.

Call her names, post photoshopped pictures of her and poke fun at her healthy eating all you want, righties. Your jealousy is easy to understand. The First Lady is not only brilliant, successful and beautiful, a perfect role-model for our daughters, (and sons for that matter), she can also kick your ass.

Watch: Holy crap! Michelle Obama is a badass!

Featured image via screen capture

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