Ferguson Asst. Prosecutor’s SHOCKING Error That May Have Affected Decision (VIDEO)

On Lawrence O’Donnell’s Rewrite segment recently, he exposed how the Ferguson Prosecutor’s handed the case to Officer Darren Wilson.

According to court documents, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Kathi Alizadeh handed the Grand Jury a law that was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States more than 30 years ago.

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The unconstitutional document stated police may use any force necessary to stop a suspect from fleeing from police.

She gave the statute to the jury just prior to Officer Wilson’s testimony.

Several weeks later, she handed the Grand Jury an updated statute, but never told them what exactly was unconstitutional about the old one.

When a juror asked if the Supreme Court ruling overrides the Missouri statues, Alizadeh could not answer with a simple, “Yes.”

Instead, she dismissed the question and told the juror, “As far as you need to know, just don’t worry about that.”
It is important to note, Officer Wilson can still be charged with the murder of Michael Brown.

Since no charges were ever filed against him, double jeopardy does not apply.

The court documents that were released of what happened behind closed doors in the Grand Jury hearing show a complete dereliction of duty on behalf of the prosecutor’s office.
Watch the video below:

H/T: MSNBC | Featured Image: news.yahoo.com

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