Family Demands Justice After Baby In Stroller Mowed Down During Baltimore Police Chase (VIDEO)

A family is mourning the loss of a bright, happy little boy in Baltimore after a police chase led to the one-year-old’s death.

Baltimore County police were chasing a suspect in a car Sunday night when it hit another car, which then killed the toddler. Jeremiah Darrin Perry was in his stroller, with his mother at a bus stop when the accident happened. Police said that they were chasing a suspect who hit a police cruiser that was at the scene of another fatal accident. The person in the car fled the scene after hitting the cruiser, which led to the police chase.

The child was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital’s pediatric emergency room, but he passed away. Meanwhile, the driver of the suspect car was taken to a different hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

I just want justice to be served for my son,” 30-year-old Teaira Smallwood said through tears as her father and other family members embraced her. “My baby didn’t have to go like that.

This accident was 100 percent, completely preventable. Police officers should never chase a suspect if the general public is going to be put at risk. They could have gotten behind the suspect, ran his tag, and found out where he lived. Instead, they were too gung-ho about recreating a scene from The Fast and The Furious to care about such mundane details like public safety. Now a little boy is dead and a family is shattered; awesome, right?

If you would like to help the family, go HERE.

Watch a news report below:

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