Fake Historian David Barton: Atheists Can’t See God Because They Live In Cities (VIDEO)

Our favorite pseudo-Christian and fake historian, David Barton was in his element at the 2nd Annual “LIBERTY: Does It Matter?” Convention last weekend. The event was put on the Arkansas Tea Party Alliance. Speakers such as Iverson Jackson (Zoe Bible Church), Jan Morgan (“First Lady of the Second Amendment”) and Alfred J. Lechner (Cause of Action Institute) joined Barton for the weekend.

On the event’s flier, Barton is given pride of place at the top of the list:

David Barton is the Founder and President of WallBuilders, a national pro-family organization that presents America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional heritage.

“Forgotten history” is, of course, relative and in Barton’s case it’s often fictional. For example, in his book “The Jefferson Lies,” Barton replaced what he thought (according to this biblical history) were lies with actual lies. It was so bad that the publisher pulled the book out of circulation. Which had zero effect upon Barton’s popularity among the ignorant faithful.

According to Barton debunker Chris Rodda, Barton has his followers convinced that the pseudo-historian is the only real historian and all the rest are the true revisionists. Confirmation bias being what it is, Barton has been crowned King of Historians by the right.

Aside from twisting history to back up his religious beliefs, Barton has it in for atheists. He hates atheists and attacks them whenever possible. He knows next to nothing about them but, by gawd, he hates them. Oh, wait! He knows one thing about them; they all live in cities.

Yes, all atheists live in cities because you can’t see God’s creation in cities. Only in the country can one truly witness creation and see nature’s laws in action. God, you see, has given us the laws of nature and we can learn how to live our lives and run our governments by paying attention to them. But only country folk understand this.

As an example of natural law, Barton cites ants as storing provisions for lean times and how government ought to do the same instead of deficit spending. I guess he means like the surplus Bill Clinton left us which George W. Bush proceeded to spend like a child in a toy store.

Somehow, Barton manages to inject his myths about those horrible atheists into this speech about the laws of nature:

Do you know how hard it is to find an atheist in the country? You find atheists in the city. You find atheists in areas that don’t get to see God. If you spend time looking at creation, you just don’t find atheists out there.

Oh, I beg to differ. I know many atheists who live in the country as well as Christians who live in the city. These Christians can see God everywhere, even in the city. Similarly, atheists can see nature everywhere. The only difference here is semantics; what Barton calls God, atheists call nature. And that really ticks him off.

And then, pray tell, what are the “areas that don’t get to see God?” Cities? Cities with parks and playgrounds, where grass and trees offer shade and beauty? Where sunrises and sunsets can be viewed from the top of a building or the end of a wharf? That isn’t seeing God?

No, Sir. God can be seen everywhere because, as the book you follow tells us, God is everywhere. Who are you to say where he may be seen? Cities, farms, towns, parks, mountains, beaches… they are all, if one is Christian, part of God. If one is atheist, they are all part of nature. There is enmity here only because of nomenclature. Rather childish, don’t you think?

David Barton is the worst kind of charlatan. He convinces his audience that they are superior. That they are preferred by God. That they know what God wants and how he thinks and… oh, look! It’s exactly the same as them. Funny how that works, isn’t it? The fake historian gets by on his claims that he has a Ph.D. He lied to Glenn Beck about it. He later admitted that he does not, in fact, hold a Ph.D. But, when speaking to these Tea Party yahoos loyalists, he claimed his Ph.D credentials again. Those who don’t know any better — like the people he spoke to at this conference — will accept his word on that.

Barton is a pathological liar. He hates that people of color helped make history. He hates that any philosophy but his own went into the foundation of the Unites States. He hates that anyone unlike himself gets to claim a spot in the vast pageant of history. So he lies about it. Because he knows a lie spreads so much faster than the truth. It’s up to us to call him out on his lies. Every. Time. Else he will continue to lie and those who don’t know any better will believe him.

Here’s the clip from Right Wing Watch:

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