‘F*** Your Breath’: Man Pleads With Cops For Help Saying He Can’t Breathe (VIDEO)

A video has just been released showing a Tulsa County reserve deputy accidentally shooting and killing an unarmed man who is already on the ground after a foot chase with officers. The deputy, Robert Bates, named as the Deputy of the Year in 2011, claims that he was reaching for his taser, and not his firearm.

After the incident the reserve deputy manned up for his mistake by saying,

I shot him and I’m sorry.

Mr. Harris, the man being subdued in the incident, was killed in the shooting.

But, that’s not all the video shows. All of that was already known without the need for a camera. What is alarming people the most about this new video, is that after the suspect is already on the ground, he can be seen pleading with officers by telling them he was shot and that he cant breathe. To this, one of the cops responds:

F** your breath.

We just had the Eric Garner incident that rocked our nation. Every officer, deputy, and citizen in the country has likely seen the video of Mr. Garner crying out “I can’t breathe,” as the officers do nothing to help. And, still, even after all of this, this cop thinks it’s okay to say that to a dying, unarmed man?

No one is advocating that what Harris did was right. You should never run from the cops. But, this is not how professional law enforcement officers should conduct themselves in a uniform. That’s still a huge problem in this country, even with body cams. Body cams will only be effective when the people start taking action pressuring their government for change.

This unnamed cop from the Tulsa Police Department needs to be fired. Because, it’s the right thing to do.

The following contains graphic language and/or violence that may be upsetting to some:


H/T: New York Daily News | Featured Image: You Tube Screen Capture

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