Everything About This Video Is Wrong: She’s A Racist, He Beats A Woman, Uploader Labels Her A Lesbian (VIDEO)

Every so often a video comes around that makes it easy to take a side.  When an imbecile is a racist and gets punched for it, people cheer.  When a man hits a woman and someone intervenes, people cheer again.  When a stereotype is tossed at someone because of the way they’re dressed or the way they carry themselves, people are upset.

This video has everything that could possibly go wrong with a seemingly everyday situation.

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First, the girl is a racist.  She calls a bouncer a “black c*nt.”  The bouncer, who is easily three times her size, slaps her around repeatedly.  Whoever uploaded the video decided that the girl was a bit masculine and labels her a lesbian.

There’s absolutely nothing to feel good about here.  The racist gets slapped, but realistically restraint was in order.  The rather large man hits a woman many times over, and nobody intervenes.  The person filming makes assumptions and giggles gleefully at his good fortune, having been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time for a good laugh.

If you need some insight into what’s wrong with society, this video is it.  If there’s a side to be taken, I’m not seeing it.


Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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