Equal Pay For Equal Work Is A Reality At Software Company Salesforce Says CEO (VIDEO)

Perhaps no other company’s leader has taken the hot button equal pay for equal work issue more seriously than Marc Benioff, Chief Executive Officer of the cloud-based software company Salesforce. Speaking at the Fortune Global Forum this week, Benioff outlined the steps his company has taken in this regard.  To date, the company has spent over $3 million adjusting the salaries of its workers to ensure that men and women are paid equally. This from a company that earned $5 billion in revenue in its 2015 fiscal year.

During his speech at the forum, Benioff stated:

We’ve looked at every single female employee’s salary. So we can say we pay women the same as we pay men.

Oh, there are lots of companies auditing their respective payroll numbers, but those audits are typically conducted to look for red flags which would initiate discrimination lawsuits. Not so Salesforce. They have done what many deem impossible, or even worse, unnecessary. Their efforts are now shaming inspiring other companies, such as Pinterest, to do the same.

In a statement to Huffington Post earlier this year, Benioff remarked:

My job is to make sure that women are treated 100 percent equally at Salesforce in pay, opportunity and advancement.

Benioff’s efforts have resulted in an increase in promotions for women at the company. Thirty-two percent of female employees were promoted in a 12-month period, when compared to just 24 percent in the prior year.

Let’s watch Mr. Benioff’s speak on equal rights and equal pay:

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