Elizabeth Warren: ‘I’m In’ (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren sent a big tease to progressive democrats in a fundraising email with a subject line that read: “I’m in.”

She is definitely “In” but not exactly in the way many democrats are hoping.  The email was sent to raise money for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

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She did raise a few more eyebrows, in addition to this, when she was asked directly on Al Sharpton’s show on what she would say to all the progressives worried about Hillary being a warrior for them:

I think that’s what we have to see. I want to hear what she wants to run on and what she says she wants to do. That’s what campaigns are supposed to be about.



Pic via Young Turks.


As The Young Turk’s points out, that is definitely not a ringing endorsement. It sounds like Elizabeth is not convinced yet that Mrs. Clinton is going to make a priority all the things she cares about, which is wall street’s undue influence over money in politics, class warfare, etc.

And, keep in mind, Elizabeth Warren had dinner with Hillary just this last December, at the personal request of Hillary. Doesn’t look like that private chat at the Clinton’s personal residence brought them that close together.

Karl Rove, who remains a key player in politics via his American Crossroads super PAC, said that Elizabeth has a real shot at beating Hillary, should she run. The former George W. Bush political guru said:

She’d certainly give her a scare.

Warren said in her email to supporters:

The question is whether enough Democrats will stand up — stand up to corporate money and powerful interests and stand up for regular people, working families, and progressive values. I’m in — what about you?

Many liberal groups, like Democracy For America and MoveOn.org are trying to put pressure on Warren to enter the race at this stage of the game. Keep in mind, also, that Hillary has not even officially announced, yet. And, given that Hillary has shown that she is too closely aligned with Wall Street – it’s no wonder Warren is so hesitant to announce her support for her.

Erica Sagrans, a campaign manager for Ready For Warren, pointed out:

Sen. Warren’s recent comments show she understands why a growing number of supporters want a progressive warrior like her to run for president in 2016.

If the party that rigged the system in favor of the rich and powerful takes over the White House, much of Warren’s great work could be undone.

Also, given the massive amount of support she has received trying to get her to make a run, for her to write an email that say’s “I’m In” to her supporters was obviously done intentionally. And, it definitely caused a few people to have a few heart palpitations. That’s a catchy subject line, for sure.

Watch a short segment from The Young Turk’s recent show: 

H/T: The Greanville Post  | Featured image: Elizabeth Warren

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