Coincidence? Michael Brown Protester’s Car Stolen At So-Called ‘F*CK The Police’ Rally

As the nation awaits Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson’s verdict, things keep getting weirder and weirder in  and around St. Louis. After marching with 100 others in an “Injustice Freak Show” protest in Clayton, MO on Monday, organizer Elizabeth Vega told her Twitter followers that her car had gone missing.

elizabeth vega ‏@chicanapoet1 So while debriefing after the action my car got stolen. Never knew a saturn with 250,000 miles was high risk for theft. :(
Now, Vega — who has helped organize protests against police brutality and the murder of Michael Brown — may have found it odd that someone would bother to steal a 16-year-old Saturn with 250K miles on it, but she never actually said police had anything to do with it. But Wilson’s supporters seemed to quickly make that connection when they began trolling Vega over her misfortune:

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Jason Van Steenwyk ‏@jwvansteenwyk  5h5 hours ago @chicanapoet1 So how's that "F*CK THE POLICE" messaging working out for you, dear?

Van Steenwyk is referring to a frequent chant by protesters angered by police brutality, in reference to 1990’s rappers NWA’s protest song,  “F*ck da Police.

Soon the next gloating tweet rolled in:


Apparently, Wilson’s supporters don’t believe that people who exercise their right to free speech have a right to expect protection from the law enforcement their tax dollars are paying for. And really, that’s what these protests are all about: The fact that in Ferguson, St. Louis, and cities across our nation, too many people still think police only have to protect white folks who support their brutality against people of color.

Vega later fired back:

elizabeth vega @chicanapoet1  ·  2h 2 hours ago Clarification for trolls having a good time laughing about my stolen car. It was stolen in UCITY not a rally and I waited a day to report it

The thing is, the idea of police harassing protesters or just — oops — letting Vegas’ car get stolen — isn’t that far-fetched. Last month, Leigh Maibes, a protester and St. Louis real estate agent, called out a police officer for trying to intimidate her by calling and sending text messages to her boss about anti-police brutality comments on her Twitter feed.

Here’s the video from the St. Louis Dispatch, so you can see how “threatening” these so-called “f*ck-the-police” protesters were during Monday’s Injustice Freak Show:

Featured photo: Video screen Grab, St. Louis Dispatch.

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