Trump-Lovin’ California Gun Store Flies The Confederate Flag, Threatens ABC News Crew With A Gun

Wild Bill’s Old West Trading Co. in Elk Grove, California is not ashamed to fly the Confederate flag outside of the store or hang giant “Trump: Make America Great Again!” signs. They’re so not ashamed of it that they refused to talk to the media, called the cops on a news crew and flashed a gun to intimidate ABC10’s Bianca Graulau:

As reporter Bianca Graulau waited outside the store, hoping to talk to customers, Elk Grove police arrived, having been called by the store. Officers told the ABC 10 crew they had a legal right to be on the private parking lot that is open to the public.

With their plans for police intervention failing, a store employee took it upon himself to get the news crew to leave. First, he repeatedly set-off his car’s alarm, which was parked next to the reporter. When that didn’t work, he proceeded to sit outside with his t-shirt tucked into the side of his pants, showcasing the gun strapped to his waist. The crew left soon after that.

The store had also placed the following note in their window:

Attention media

You know why we fly the flag so there will be no need to speak to anyone about why it’s back out! You twist the truth! Also don’t enter the store!


Good lord, if the persecution complex where any thicker, they would be hammering themselves to a cross in the parking lot.

The macho gun-totin’ employee also whipped out his cell phone and started recording the news crew. I don’t know if he thought he was supposed to be intimidating with his gun hanging out and his phone on record but when you see him in the video, he looks more like a petulant child than a stalwart defender of Freedumb. Even more pathetic, when the police came back, the macho man pulled his shirt back over his gun so the police wouldn’t see that he was trying to intimidate the news crew.

Here’s the video of these courageous Trump supporters:

It should be noted that California was a Union state in the Civil War so the inevitable claims of “heritage” would be total bullshit. Combined with their love of Trump, it’s obvious that Wild Bill’s Old West Trading Co. is run by racists and scumbags. And, apparently, cowards.

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