Donald Trump Jr. Sends Coded Welfare Message To Daddy’s Racist Supporters (VIDEO)

Tuesday on Fox News’ The Kelly File, host Megyn Kelly interviewed Donald Trump Jr., son of the billionaire presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

During the interview, Kelly asked Trump Jr. if his daddy planned to stop acting like a dick and more like a unifier anytime soon. Trump Jr. argued that he felt his father’s tone is just the thing that makes him resonate with his supporters, and there was no need for him to change his tone.

However, he also took the opportunity to use subtle language aimed at disgruntled white voters:

TRUMP: No, I think the rise is largely in part because of the tone. Because he’s finally saying the things that everyone wants to say, that all these working people in this country, the hard-working, blue collar people in this country, who’ve been left in the dust, the people who don’t have an asterisk, and don’t get special treatment for doing nothing. He’s giving them a voice again. I think that’s so important.

White supremacists will often use coded language like this to camouflage their message with a more populist-sounding “tone.”

For example, “hard-working, blue collar people” generally translates into “white male.” He emphasizes the point by labeling them as “people who don’t have an asterisk, and don’t get special treatment for doing nothing.

The asterisk reference could refer to racial and sexual minorities. One group, in particular, that’s associated with an asterisk are transgender people.

Practical Androgyny explains the use of an asterisk when describing Transgender people:

Trans* was suggested as a way to explicitly include the genderqueer, gender variant, gender role nonconforming, crossdressing, fluid gender, agender etc people who didn’t feel ‘trans enough’ to know if they would be included otherwise.

Trump Jr. includes the phrase, “and don’t get special treatment for doing nothing,” which is a direct dig at those who receive food stamps and other government assistance.

Trump supporters love to hate minorities who receive government assistance, with particular exceptions being whites who don’t vote Republican.

Mississippi is a great example of a mostly-white welfare state. However, Trump supporters will mostly ignore those white “government leeches” and focus on minorities, especially blacks. Because after all, it wouldn’t make sense to alienate Trump’s “poorly educated” poor white voting base no would it?

Trump Jr. speaks to the frustrated poor and middle-working class white male voters who feel somehow “left out” because they”re not represented minority movements like black lives matter and LGBTQ organizations who fight for basic civil liberties.

They’ve been brainwashed into believing that their culture is the real American culture that all minorities should strive to assimilate into, instead of seeking their own unique American cultural identities.

This kind of ignorance is what Trump feeds on and amplifies back to his followers. Regardless if Trump wins or loses in November; 2016 will mark the year that America made a massive shift in its identity as a nation.

Featured image Screengrab via YouTube.

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