Delusional Paul Ryan Still Thinks Trump’s Tone Will Change For General Election (VIDEO)

As we move toward the general election, Donald Trump is becoming more and more of a problem for the GOP elite. However, it seems that the spineless weasel that is GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan still thinks there’s a chance Trump’s tone will change to something less racist and more presidential as we head toward November. Speaking with CBS Face the Nation host John Dickerson, Ryan said of Trump’s constant controversial behavior:

Look, as Republicans, as conservatives, we want to run inclusive campaigns. host John Dickerson in an interview that will air Sunday. “We want to run an inspiring campaign. We want to inspire our fellow citizens and we want to earn a mandate to fix the country’s problems, and that’s the kind of campaign that we are hoping for.

The thing is, Speaker Ryan, it seems to be obvious to everyone but you and the other spineless Republicans who are actually backing Trump that there will be no change in the great orange monster’s tone. He will not stop being a blatant racist, misogynist, Islamophobe, and every other form of bigot you can think of. You’re not going to get anything presidential from him. It’s simply not possible. You yourself admitted, straight out, that Trump’s comments regarding the idea that the judge presiding over his Trump University case couldn’t get the job done because of his race were the “textbook definition” of racism. Yet you still back this guy. You’re literally wanting to put a flagrant racist into the Oval Office.

At the end of t he day, Paul Ryan and the other GOPers who back Trump are no better than he is, because if they had any morals or decency at all, they would put country before party, and disavow the absolute disaster that would be a Donald Trump presidency.

Watch Paul Ryan’s delusions on display below:

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