Delusional Female Fox Host Claims Hillary Clinton Is ‘Waging A War On Men’ (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Kennedy Montgomery has an interesting take on Hillary Clinton’s stance that women should be treated fairly and equally.  It’s called ‘The War on Men.”

Clinton recently tweeted a “trifecta against women” perpetrated by the Republican party:



Kennedy responded with:

While she’s trying to gather the women’s vote, there’s a bunch of dudes sitting around going ‘Hey wait a second, I’m just trying to get a job, pay my mortgage and support my family. She’s completely against me and my kind.’

Host Harris Faulkner Agreed:

An extension to what you’re saying, Kennedy, is some of these women are with those men.  Maybe they don’t need a champion that looks just like them. They need a champion that will treat everybody fairly — so if they’re with these men that also need jobs, everybody wins.

And once again Fox News, leads the charge of inequality by suggesting all women need is to be with a man; a man who can find a job.

Watch Fox News women claim Hillary Clinton is waging a ‘War on Men.’

H/T: TPM | Image: Screen Capture From Video

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