Day Care Worker Caught On Film Kicking Sleeping 16-Month-Old Girl 12 Times (VIDEO)

A Florida day care worker has been charged with child abuse after she was caught on film kicking a 15-month-old little girl in the head and other places on her body as the child snuggled with her blanket and teddy bear on the floor.

It was only Lillian Roan’s third day at Kids Stop-N-Play day care in Holiday, but the child’s parents say she will not be returning. After they picked their daughter up at the day care, the child’s mother and father noticed three bruises on the child’s forehead, one under her eye, and a red, bald patch in her hair.

“I took her up to the day care, and I said, ‘This did not happen in my house. This happened here,'”  the child’s father told the Tampa Bay Times.

“We’re just trying to get awareness so other parents can know what happened,” said the little girl’s mother, Crystal Faggione.  “We cried a lot, but other than that, we’re holding strong.”

A review of security footage revealed that worker Linda Klemm had repeatedly kicked the child in an attempt to wake her from her nap. Klemm can be seen kicking the top of Lillian’s head, then dragging her foot over the side of the child’s face.

The little girl gets up on her hands and knees and begins crying, but falls back asleep. Klemm later returns to deliver a forceful kick to the child’s behind. Afterwards, she yanks Lillian up to a seated position and walks away.

Klemm was arrested on one count of child abuse. Her bond has been set at $10,000.

“Linda should have known better. Linda was there to take care of children — little, innocent children — and she didn’t,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said. “Even the most hardened law enforcement officers were disgusted by what they saw in the video.”

Despite being shown the video a dozen times, Klemm denies kicking the child in the head.

Klemm was immediately terminated from her position. “I’m appalled. I’m devastated. I’ve been here 22 years. Nothing like this has ever happened,” Kids Stop-N-Play owner Rhonda Swetland said. “She has four children of her own. She’s not a young girl who gets stressed out. … Everybody’s appalled.”

Swetland says that she is cooperating with authorities, who are reviewing footage from the center’s 16 cameras in an effort to find more abusive behavior on Klemm’s part.

“I am 100 percent backing whatever happens with the Sheriff’s Office and with the courts,” Swetland said. “I am on the parents’ side.”

Watch a report on this disgusting abuse, below:

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