Dashcam: Cops Kill Unarmed Mom, Brag About Shooting Her Until ‘Her Face Exploded’ (VIDEO)

Caroline Small of Brunswick, GA suffered from PTSD, dissociative disorder and was struggling with drugs and alcohol. Police took this as the perfect reason to give her a death sentence after she was seen allegedly doing drugs in a mall parking lot. The dangerous criminal sped away at speeds up to 35 miles per hour before spike strips and tactical police driving forced her to the side of the road.

Completely cornered, with four non-existent tires and nowhere to go, the disturbed woman was still pushing her accelerator, moving the car a few inches forward and back in an extremely futile way. Georgia State Trooper Jonathon Malone  went around the back to remove her from the vehicle, but was told to move by Glynn County officers Sgt. Robert C. Sasser and Officer Michael T. Simpson because as Simpson said, “if she moves the car again I’m going to shoot her.”

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That’s exactly what happened. After a slight push of maybe a few inches, multiple rounds from their service weapons and the episode, along with a young mother’s life, was over.


Small’s car was completely blocked in and incapacitated – the Free Thought Project

After the shooting, Sasser and Simpson celebrated their successful hunt:

Where did you hit her?” Simpson asks, according to a GBI transcript.

“I hit her right in the face,” Sasser says.

“I watched the bridge of her nose…I pulled the trigger and I watched it hit her at the same time I think I fired,” Simpson says
Such heroism.

According to Matt Agorist of the Free Thought Project, an investigation into the case by the Atlanta Journal Constitution/Action 2 News found that:

• Glynn County police officers interfered with the GBI’s investigation from the start, seeking to protect the officers.

• The department tampered with the crime scene and created misleading evidence that was shown to the grand jury.

• The local district attorney shared the state’s evidence with the officers nearly two months before the grand jury convened and cut an unusual deal with them just before it met.

One of the members of that grand jury, Byron Bennett, has come out publicly stating that he regrets his decision.

I felt like I let that lady down,” he said. “I felt like they killed that lady. They didn’t give her a chance.

Just another case of American cops being American cops and killing people.



H/T and photo credits: The Free Thought Project

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