Dale Hansen Crushes Racists: “You Cannot Defend The Indefensible” (VIDEO)

I’d never heard of Dale Hansen before today and if you haven’t either, than I am proud to introduced you to him. He has a show on WFAA.com called “Dale Hansen Unplugged,” and today’s rant is utterly delicious.

Today he discusses racism and how not much has changed. He starts with kids holding signs that said “White Power” at a Flower Mound High School basketball game in Plano, Texas–where the opposing team’s members were primarily black.  (Stay classy, Flower Mound High School.)

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He also discusses how kids are TAUGHT to hate and shares his own experiences being raised by a racist and how it “twisted” his mind:

I was raised in a small Iowa farm town that had only one black family in the county, and was raised by a man who used the “N-word” like it was a proper noun. I think I was 12 before I realized that the N-word actually wasn’t the first name of Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Elston Howard, and so many more.

My dad always referred to the black athlete (and any person of color he didn’t know) that way, but he loved the Matthews family. Henry and Billie Matthews were good people… the whole family was. My dad always said they were “different.”

I love this man for bringing this to everyone’s attention in this manner.  Especially since he did it surrounded by racists and is willing to take the backlash with his head held high.

WATCH the full delicious rant below and read the entire transcript here.

Featured Image via WFAA Video Screen Capture

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