Cranky Old Loon Pat Robertson Ironically Calls Bernie Supporters ‘Ignorant Sheep’ (VIDEO)

Pat Robertson, everyone’s least lovable crazy uncle, had some interesting things to say about Bernie Sanders supporters. And what I mean by interesting is actually thoughtless and knee-jerk, which neatly coincides with his utterly unspectacular audience (all 5 of them).

Proving he’s reaching a whole new level of Reaganesque senility, the cantankerous fundamentalist started his 700 Club talk show by calling young people “millenniums”. He then proceeded to accost these “millenniums” for their misguided support of Bernie Sanders, calling them “a bunch of ignorant sheep” who are “cheering a man who wants to take away all our money.” 

Of course this comes from a man who has made millions manipulating uninformed people that gay people are the cause of hurricanes, so he must be correct. If anyone’s an expert at taking money from ignorant sheep, it’s Pat Robertson.

Robertson made these comments while chatting with Joshua Charles, a loony tea party activist hawking his latest Wal-Mart bargain bin book “Liberty’s Secrets.”

Watch the exchange below:


Featured image via screen capture 

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