Cop Lies About Being Shot And It Causes A City-Wide Manhunt (VIDEO)

A police officer in Millis, Massachusetts has been fired after authorities found that he faked being shot and in turn, wrecked his police cruiser.

The only good thing that can be said about this story is that the officer, Bryan Johnson who has not yet been released, didn’t try, in light of #BlackLivesMatter, to blame it on a black man. Instead, he fabricated a story of a white male in a maroon pickup who fired from his vehicle and fled the scene of the shooting. The shots, according to initial reports, hit the police cruiser and caused it to crash and set fire.

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According to the police report, Johnson initially claimed he saw a “black-barreled handgun pointed out of the driverside window by a white tanned male.’’ That man fired two shots “directly through the left side of his front windshield.’’

Johnson said the man in the pickup truck pulled over, and Johnson then took defensive action, positioning the cruiser at an angle to protect himself from further gunfire. “For an unknown reason, Officer Johnson accelerated quickly and the vehicle’’ ended up in the woods.

Source: Boston Globe

Unfortunately for the now former officer, the only bullets at the scene belonged to his gun. Then, he crashed his car and possibly set it on fire.

The incident caused state police, detectives and ballistic units to search nearby towns and all the local schools were closed on Thursday because of the false report.

Here’s the video:

Johnson has now confessed to using his handgun to shoot his cruiser three times in a wooded area. He claims he got behind the wheel and “blacked out” before crashing into the trees and catching fire.

Johnson is currently under medical care, although we don’t know specifically why. After he is cleared, he will be arrested. There is no reported motive.

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