Cop Claims He Can’t ‘Recall’ Pumping 15 Rounds Into Car, Killing Two Unarmed Black People (VIDEO)

In a shootout that would be more appropriate for Hollywood than for the streets of Cleveland, cops fired 137 shots at a pair of unarmed suspects who were trying to flee. Both occupants of the car were killed, and now the conduct of one of the cops is under investigation.

The chase and shootout started in 2012 after an officer thought a shot was fired at him from the Chevy Malibu, despite the fact that the two African-Americans in the car were unarmed.

Michael Brelo was the officer who shot the final 15 rounds into the car. He allegedly did it from right on top of the car’s hood – after the other officers had stopped firing, but he claims he doesn’t remember doing it, despite the fact that his foot prints were on the car.

When Brelo was questioned by investigators two weeks after the shooting, he told them he didn’t remember what happened.

Officer Brelo’s exact words were:

It’s possible because I was so terrified that I was going to get run over.  But I don’t recall that, sir.

You can watch a news report about the incident below.

Featured image via Fox 8 video screenshot.

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