Conservatives Lose Their Sh*t Over Two-Second Shot Of Hillary Clinton In A Hijab (VIDEO)

The Hillary Clinton campaign released a new video on October 19 that touts the former Secretary of State’s accomplishments. In one segment of that video, Clinton is seen wearing a hijab, the head covering worn by many Muslim women. This has caused the latest right-wing anti-Muslim freak out.

The Gateway Pundit announced Hillary’s horrible crime with the headline “Clinton Presidential Campaign Video Shows Hillary in Hijab.” All I can figure is that someone watched this video with the intensity of a pubescent boy who is watching his first porn. There are a number of shots of Hillary meeting with leaders in various Muslim countries, and exactly one that shows her in a hijab. If you blink, you’ll miss it. The image is literally on screen for two seconds. A bunch of shots show the former first lady/senator/secretary of state standing bareheaded among Muslim women who are wearing hijabs. But those don’t matter. It’s the one out-of-context shot that has righties all worked up.

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Some of the comments from the children who post on right-wing comment threads are just precious. Remember as you read these samples that they are coming from the same type of people who insist that immigrants to the U.S. must speak our language, and follow our customs. They also seem to miss that representatives of the American government are very careful to avoid offending the local populace when they visit other countries. But since when did facts matter to the right?

“Ember” and “goose” don’t get that it’s about respect for others and their culture.



“Guessed” just goes full misogynistic.


“Patty” has obviously spent too much time in the alternate universe known as “right-wing world.”


The idiocy in this comment and reply (not to mention “Wraith’s” profile picture) speak for themselves.


OK, you’ve waited long enough. Here’s the Clinton campaign video that has caused all of the uproar. See if you can spot Hillary in a hijab. It’s there, but don’t blink, or you’ll miss it!



Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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