Threats Over Proposed Stone Mountain Addition: ‘Only Good N*gger Is A Dead N*gger.’ (VIDEO)

Atlanta City Councilman, Michael Bond, expected a good amount of debate in response to his proposal to add prominent Georgians, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and former President Jimmy Carter, to the Stone Mountain carving. This carving currently features former President Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson. Fox Atlanta reports that earlier this week, Bond hand delivered a letter to the governor’s office asking that the idea of the monument being expanded be discussed in a study panel.

Confederate supporter “voices opinion” with racist threats

Michael Bond seems to respect and expect that healthy debate is a crucial part of the democratic process. He was expecting his resolution to open a dialogue. What the city official wasn’t expecting were racist threats so intense, that he felt it necessary to get the local police, Homeland Security, and soon the FBI involved.

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Michael Bond

Atlanta Councilman Michael Bond. Screenshot via Youtube.

From the Raw Story:

“We have emails, they range from support to at least one that is absolutely a threat,” he explained.

The email accused Bond of being “nothing but a scumbag piece of s*hit.”

“I hope you and your family eat sh*t and choke and die,” the emailer wrote. “Black lives don’t matter. The only good n****r is a dead n****r.”

I’m sure some “heritage over hate” Confederate supporters are cringing, because this is exactly what many liberals suspect lies just beneath the surface of that argument.

What’s the deal with Stone Mountain?

Let’s clear up some evolving myths surrounding this story:

  1. Bonds is NOT suggesting removing the Confederate leaders from the Sstone Mountain Carving. Although the Atlanta NAACP did suggest just that earlier this month, as described by local CBS AtlantaBonds is only asking to consider adding other famous, influential Georgians.
  2. Stone Mountain is NOT just a Civil War memorial. Stone Mountain Park is a bustling year-round destination for tourists from all over the country. According to, it is the most-visited attraction in Georgia, including: a mini-golf course, sky-ride, water park, laser-show, tree-top adventure walks, a 4D theater, duck ride and more. Perhaps its status as the most visited place in Georgia is the reason Bonds suggested the carving be expanded to include more of Georgia’s history.
  3. Stone Mountain is NOT private property. It is owned by the state of Georgia and funded by taxpayers. A full history of Stone Mountain Park can be found here on its website, including:
  • 1958 – The State of Georgia purchased Stone Mountain and the surrounding land to create a 3,200 acre park. Focus was placed on development for recreation and entertainment and the completion of the carving.
  • Feb. 21, 1958 – Gov. Marvin Griffin signs a bill creating the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, superseding the old Authority.
  • Sept. 19, 1958 – Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial, Inc. gives Stone Mountain to the state of Georgia.

There are certainly a variety of reasons to agree or disagree that adding to the Stone Mountain carving is the best thing for Georgia at this time. It is clear that with emotions running high surrounding Confederate symbols, most notably the Confederate flag (including South Carolina’s removal of the flag from Statehouse ground), these issues will be in the forefront for some time.

The debate continues

Although Bond admits he is “always concerned for his safety,” he sees the threat as all the more reason to have a debate over this issue.

“So, that these types of highly negative and poisoned attitudes can be confronted.”

Watch the Fox Atlanta news report via Youtube:


Featured Image: screenshot via Youtube

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