Confederate Flag Brawl Erupts In Front Of South Carolina Statehouse (VIDEO)

The battle over the Confederate flag is still going in South Carolina, as a fracas erupted Monday evening in front of the South Carolina statehouse between supporters of the flag and those seeking its permanent removal from the grounds to a museum setting.

According to Dangerous Minds, the fight started around 7:15 PM. Some 30 supporters of the flag’s removal demonstrating in front of the statehouse were accosted by a procession of 15 vehicles driving by, flying the stars and bars. The procession stopped, and then, according to one witness, racial slurs started flying, and before you know it, eight to ten bigots from the procession began rushing toward the anti-flag crowd and began to assault the demonstators. You can see an eye witness video of the event, below:

Another witness claims the procession stopped and the altercation occurred because one of the anti-flag demonstrators had reached out as the procession passed by and tore a flag off of one of the vehicles.

A third witness stated:

Several people were fighting and it spilled into Gervais St., and some people started pulling over and getting out of their cars to join in. Police began separating the two groups and pushing them back onto the statehouse grounds, and then a small group charged the other group, a quick secondary scuffle broke out, and then the small group took off running with several dudes chasing them behind the capitol.

Authorities state one man was also arrested at the scene for disorderly conduct.

It should prove interesting to see how the next anti-Confederate flag rally will go, currently scheduled for the 4th of July holiday. Just two weeks after that, the KKK is planning a pro Confederate flag rally, on July 18. Both could become tense standoffs between opposing sides, but hopefully both sides remember to keep their differences peaceful. Violence between the two groups will only play into the hands of the right side of history, anyway.

There is no winning or saving the Confederate flag’s historical and metaphorical meaning. If the South ever hopes to rise again, it will need both a new flag and a new ideology.

One suggestion: Try love and acceptance.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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