Confederacy Fetishist Chases Black Kids With Bat: ‘I’ll Hang Your Family From My Tree’ (VIDEO/SCREENSHOTS)

She loves Duck Dynasty, country music, the Tea Party, and her Confederate flag, but one thing 29-year-old Lisa Marie Elberson enjoys most of all is hanging “n*ggers” from her tree — or threatening to, anyway. Elbertson, a resident of Florida, was captured on film chasing a group of African-American kids down the street.

On Sunday night, Elbertson was arrested after an argument with a group of African-American teens turned violent. According to a 16-year-old victim, Elbertson yelled racial slurs and spat on him and yelled racial slurs at him and his friends. The Orlando Sentinel reports:

The teen told deputies the incident started when Elberson’s husband and the teens got into a verbal dispute earlier in the day. When the teen and his friends passed by Elberson’s home later another argument commenced but when he and his friends walked away Elberson grabbed a black Louisville Slugger baseball bat and started chasing the group, according to an incident report.

Fortunately, one of the teens had his cell phone on him and was able to record video of the attack. At one point, she told one of the teens  “I hang your family from my tree” and called him a “n*gger.”

Elbertson’s husband told WFTV that, after the initial confrontation, he went to confront the teens. He says that his wife and son went with him, and that his son brought the baseball bat. John Elbertson claims one of the teens “comes at my truck saying some other stuff.” After he told his wife about the altercation, it was time for a good old-fashioned lynching, the family decided to confront the unnamed victim.

“She grabbed [the bat] from my son so he wouldn’t hurt the boy,” he claimed, “to make sure everything was safe and that all that was going on was the talk.” Though she said “n*gger” numerous times during this “talk,” Elbertson says his wife did nothing wrong. “He really doesn’t have nothing on it,” he said. “He don’t have nothing.”

Mrs. Elbertson was arrested at her place of employment and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse and simple battery after deputies saw the video.

Unsurprisingly, Elbertson’s Facebook profile is a shrine to the Confederacy:


Elbertson is not shy about sharing her views, like that “some people” should stop “poping” out babies and living on welfare:


She also seems to have a lot of conflicts with neighbors, family, and anything that breathes:

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Elbertson’s Facebook “likes” are entirely what one would expect from someone chasing black kids around with a baseball bat, screaming slurs, and threatening to lynch their families:

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You can watch the full video of the incident, below:

Featured Image via Orlando Sentinel

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