Cliven Bundy’s Wife Makes Bizarre Video Claiming Nevada Land Is Her Property (VIDEO)

Cliven Bundy apparently isn’t the only weirdo in his family; his wife, Carol Bundy, released an angry video on Facebook on Friday that invited Nevada Democratic Senator Harry Reid to visit her ranch and “look [her] square in the eye and tell [her] that [her] family . . . are domestic terrorists.”

Well, now we know where Ammon and Ryan got it from.

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Land that we love

The Bundy stand off came to an unceremonious end earlier this year when Bundy’s sons hijacked a federal reserve. The Feds waited them out, and eventually, when Cliven Bundy made the stupid mistake of traveling by plane to visit his boys, he was arrested just like they were.

While they were probably hoping for another Ruby Ridge to galvanize the “patriot” movement, they never got it: only one man, LaVoy Finicum, was killed in the stand off after he refused to lower his weapon.

As a consequence of that, Reid made calls on Senate floor Thursday to designate the Gold Butte area — the site of the 2014 Bundy Standoff in Nevada — a national monument. Reid’s call didn’t include Bundy’s land, but the land that’s jointly managed by the BLM and Clark County, Nevada.

The area in question has been protected in an effort to save an endangered desert tortoise.

This apparently didn’t set well with Carol Bundy, who released a frankly bizarre Facebook video condemning Reid:

I would love for you to come to my ranch and tell me where my family has done any abuse of any kind to this land that we love.

Carol continues, noting that she’s “angry today” and adding, “I have four sons in prison. I have a best friend whose husband was shot and Harry Reid put out a YouTube…talking about saving our land for future generations.”

Lady, you have four sons in jail because your four sons are idiots, and that’s usually what happens to people engaging in armed sedition. Furthermore, given their actions, you should be thankful you’re not black. If that were the case, you wouldn’t have four sons in the jailhouse, you’d have four son in the cemetery.

She invited Harry Reid to come to her ranch and “look me square in the eye and tell me that my family and I are domestic terrorists.”

Self-important to the very end. And speaking of end, at the end of the video, Rodney Atkin’s “Family” plays, as the video shifts from pictures of the desert to “Call Harry Reid And Tell Him How You Feel,” like it’s some sort of warped PSA.

I think I might call Reid, actually, and tell him that although I live on the other side of the Mississippi, I support the creation of a Gold Butte National Park all the same.

Watch the video below:

HARRY REID, I AM MADMessage to Harry Reid from Carol Bundy. (Cliven Bundys wife and the momma to 4 of the political prisoners)PLEASE SHARE!

Feature image via Facebook Screenshot

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