Chris Christie Has Epic Meltdown After Man Questions His Pro-Gun Voting History

Taking a break from the never-ending stream of drama surrounding the Teflon Don and his remark of the week, we turn our attention to Iowa, where a caucus-goer at a town hall meeting dared to question renowned Jersey hothead Chris Christie for his voting record on “gun rights” — and the ensuing meltdown was caught on camera for everyone to enjoy.

The Corn Caucus

Despite being best known for corn, Iowa nevertheless is a major state during the presidential primary. The caucus in Iowa kicks off the so-called “primary season,” and caucus-goers and delegates flock to local county conventions, jostling and vying for a part in the state convention with the end game being the national convention.

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Because of this, candidates who are running for president often spend time and money in the state, hoping that any momentum that they pick up there is going to follow them from coast to shining coast. Chris Christie is one such candidate.

Unfortunately, he’s not leaving a good impression.

While speaking before a crowd of potential voters on July 25 in Ankeny, Iowa, a caucus-goer attacked Christie for his mixed voting record on firearms and “gun rights,” in the process suggesting that Christie was somehow “too liberal.” This didn’t set well with Christie, who came down on the man like a tracker trailer.

“Your point of view is dead wrong,” Christie said. “Go look at the record.” He continued his rant, saying, “I don’t know where you are getting your information from, but it’s wrong,” and adding, with a vindictive finger aimed at the caucus-goer who asked the question, “What are you shrugging your shoulders about? I mean, I understand if you have a point of view, but have some facts about it.”

He then went through a list of the “pro-gun”/anti-commonsense positions he’d taken as a governor, such as vetoing a statewide ID program, and a law that would’ve reduced the allowable magazine size.

“I’m still waiting for one fact from you,” he told the caucus-goer. “One fact about me being anti-gun . . . give me one. One fact. Got one?”

When the caucus-goer responded to Christie several times, the governor became increasingly aggressive. “You’re interpreting intent,” Christie said, and when the caucus-goer alleged that Christie was somehow “muscled” into signing pro-gun legislation, he fired back, “I’ve had to be muscled into it?”

He stepped closer and closer to the interlocutor, demanding to know who muscled him: “By who? Who’s muscled me?”

Isn’t it sad that they have to parade their stupid just to get votes? Of course, this is their base. Commonsense gun control policies are little more than a slippery slope to an atheistic Sharia law theocracy that ban guns, gives immigrants universal healthcare, increases the minimum wage to $25 an hour, taxes corporations and forces everyone to get gay married.

Watch the Christie Meltdown, courtesy of the Des Moines Register:

Watch another video about Christie, courtesy Bloomberg News:

Feature image via Bloomberg screen capture

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