Children Forced To Watch As Cops Beat Their Mother For NO REASON (VIDEO)

What a shocker! Another disgusting example of police brutality came to light this week.

Cindy Hahn, a 40-year-old mother of two, was bullied and beaten by Carlsbad, California police officers while her children — ages 7 and 11– were just a few feet away, watching helplessly from the car windows.

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On July 31, 2013, Hahn was heading  home from a kid’s beach party when she noticed police were surrounding a car with its alarm blaring. She inquired as to why they weren’t shutting it off when Officer Kenyatte Valentine turned to her and asked if it was her car. When she informed him it was not, he said:

Then mind your own F***ing business.

Hahn could not believe the way Valentine was speaking to her and after informing a man nearby, started to video the officers. After continued verbal assault from these “peace officers,” Hahn decided to call in a complaint before leaving.

Moments later, while heading home with her children, Hahn was pulled over by Valentine, ripped from her car and tossed to the ground like trash. If that doesn’t get your blood boiling, the reason he gave for the traffic stop just might–an alleged seat belt violation!!!

The situation only got worse for Hahn and her children.

According to Hahn, the situation quickly escalated when backup officers arrived on scene. While held down on the ground by Valentine, a witness’ video shows Officer Jody Knisley come screeching into the parking lot. Hahn can be seen reaching out to him as if begging for help, only to be kneed and repeatedly punched in the face by Knisley.

Hahn was charged with resisting arrest and battery on an officer. She was charged even though court documents showed that she was the one who suffered serious injuries — head and brain contusions, a concussion and memory loss.

Getting these felony charges dropped proved to be a lengthy fight. After two years, she finally got a big break when a private investigator obtained the horrific video of her attack. Hahn’s attorney, Mark Geragos, knew this new evidence would prove to be the smoking gun, saying:

Never seen a police tactics expert testify that what you need to do is slug a female in the face.

Mike Dalton, a retired San Fernando Police Officer and Hahn’s father, is just as shocked by the tactics used and does not believe this situation should’ve happened. Her Father said:

There was no need to punch her in the face when he ran up on the scene. There was no need to punch her any further. All he did was deliver a lot of punishment that was totally unnecessary.

Still haunted by memories, Hahn is also left to help her children who are still trying to heal. According to Hahn, her son still has a hard time feeling like he could’ve stopped it.

The only thing that he’ll talk to me about is,I couldn’t protect you, Mom. I could’ve. I could’ve got him off you. I could have helped you.’

San Diego had no choice but to  drop the felony charges in July after this video surfaced. Hahn and Geragos plan to file civil charges against the city of Carlsbad, and rightfully so!

What does Carlsbad have to say about these allegations? A recent statement was issued:

The City of Carlsbad looks forward to bringing this lawsuit before the proper judicial authorities as soon as possible. We are prepared to provide a complete and detailed account of the facts of this incident in a courtroom, not in the media.

This can then be translated to: We are not fully prepared to cover our tracks and will be busy digging up any dirt on Ms. Hahn in order to discredit the victim to show the beating was completely just. Because that’s often what the authorities do when they are confronted with horrific videos of their officers beating civilians. We’ve seen it time and again, all over the country and it’s f*cking ridiculous.


Featured image via Daily Mail

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