Cecil’s Killer Cannot Hide: Vandals Attack Dr. Walter Palmer’s Florida Vacation Home (VIDEOS)

Since the furor erupted over the killing of Cecil the lion by Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter Palmer, he has become perhaps the most hated man in America, of not the world. So hated, in fact, that he has had to close his practice indefinitely, and go into hiding. Palmer did resurface briefly after being asked to contact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, but he continues to keep a low profile.

Palmer owns a $1.1 million home in Marco Island, Florida that was attacked by vandals. The perpetrators spray painted “Lion Killer!” on the garage door, and left a number of what appeared to be pickled pig’s feet scattered around the driveway. The Associated Press says that a sign condemning what Palmer did was removed from the property last week, and now a security company has been hired to guard the home.

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England’s Daily Mail reports that a detective agency called Global Investigative Group is now protecting the property. That company is headed by Walter Zalisko, who tells the Daily Mail that he’s not sure about who might be responsible for the vandalism. And he throws in a comparison to abortion for good measure.

It could be a mixture of kids and then some wacky animal rights activists. Personally, I can’t really understand why they are doing this.

There are millions of abortions round the world. Nobody is doing this for the abortions yet they will for an animal. People hunt every day in Africa. It’s nuts. It’s just unfortunate this was a popular lion.

The difference, of course, is that an abortion is a medical procedure that is legal. Dr. Palmer lured a lion out of a protected habitat, shot and injured him with a bow and arrow, then tracked him for over a day before killing him. If abortions were conducted in a similar manner, Zalisko might have a point.

In the video, an unidentified police officer speaks to reporters after inspecting the property. The officer tells reporters that he doesn’t know where Palmer is. When asked if he would like for Palmer to come back to the home “any time soon,” the officer smiles and says “It would be a little more work for us if he did.”

The officer is asked what kind of response he is getting from the community about what Palmer did. He says the response is mixed, coming from “people who hunt” and “people who love animals.” The issue runs a little deeper than that. Many people who don’t hunt have no complaints about those who hunt for food. But to hunt an animal simply because you want a trophy to hang on your wall? That’s the main problem people are having in this case.

I wonder if Dr. Palmer still thinks that killing Cecil was worth it.

Here’s the video of the officer’s comments, via YouTube:


And here’s a better look at what the vandals left behind, via the Daily Mail:

Featured image via Daily Mail screen capture

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