Caught On Video: Ferguson Police Flat-Out LIED About Michael Brown’s Murder

Ferguson police just got caught in yet another bald-faced lie in their defense for Michael Brown’s murder. Officer Darren Wilson asserts that he shot Brown 35 feet away from his SUV, which supports his claim of killing in self-defense. But no, Michael Brown actually got shot 145 feet away from his car, which gives lie to Wilson’s argument that he was threatened by Brown at close range. Furthermore, the evidence was right there, in front of our very eyes the entire time.

Shaun King from Daily Kos reports that he and folks from Argus News reviewed photos and video footage, felt things didn’t look right, and went to take a look. They also came prepared with a video camera and a measuring device.

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In the summary of his YouTube video — Which shows King taking the measurements  — King explains:

For months and months, police and the media have grossly misrepresented just how far Mike Brown fled from Darren Wilson as being just 35 feet. After months of research, the availability of previously unseen images, the use of every mapping tool available, and a brand new measurement, we have discovered that Mike Brown fled 148 feet from the window of Darren Wilson’s Chevy Tahoe. In this video, we measured from the yellow fire hydrant, which was actually 17 feet away from the driver’s side window, all the way to the exact location of where Mike Brown fell after being murdered by Darren Wilson. Our distance is 131 feet + 1 inch.

In the video, King starts with the yellow fire hydrant, near which Wilson’s SUV was parked, as shown in  countless photographs and screen grabs from news footage, like the one below.

Brown shooting starting point by yellow fire hydrant.

Starting point, where Wilson stopped to harass Brown for jaywalking. Photo: Screen grab/CNN via Daily Kos.

He then takes a walk with his measuring device to the place where Brown was shot — at 2943 Canfield Drive, as shown below:

Members of  Michael Brown's family gathered where he had been shot.

Ending point: The exact spot where Michael Brown got shot and killed. Photo: Daily Kos.

King’s image from Google Maps shows the total distance between where the incident began and where it tragically ended with Wilson murdering Brown.

Michael Brown murder google maps

Distance between the starting and ending points, as shown on Google Maps. Photo: Google Maps via Daily Kos.

You’d think that in this age of video cameras and smart phones, Ferguson Police would have at least tried to give the appearance of being on their best behavior. But no, they’re so corrupt and arrogant and morally bankrupt they think they can get away with anything. 

They lied about the surveillance camera footage from the convenience store where Brown supposedly stole a pack of cigarettes, then they lied about why they even released the video in the first place. So why shouldn’t Ferguson Police lie about how far Michael Brown ran away before Wilson murdered him in cold blood? They obviously want to make their victim look as unsympathetic as possible to justify their own violence and brutality, and so they won’t be held accountable for their crimes against the community.

Even if the Grand Jury chooses not to indict Wilson, you’d think the police department would want him as far away from Ferguson as possible. But now, they plan on inflicting him on this grieving community as soon as their corrupt justice system absolves him of all sin.

Here’s the video with Shaun King taking the measurements, so you can see for yourself.

Featured photo: Composite with tweet from Shaun King and Ferguson police photos via Wikipedia.

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