Caught On Tape: LA Sheriff Deputy Shot Partner And Blamed Victim (VIDEO)

Another disgusting video has surfaced showing officers using excessive force to the point of murder.

Last year and Noel Aguilar fell victim to a couple of bullies with badges.  Two Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies stopped him for simply for wearing headphones while riding a bike. Since Aguilar had done nothing to warrant their harassment, he attempted to continue on his way, and that’s when he was thrown to the ground only to be shot and killed.

Of course, these vile badge holders quickly fabricated a false story accusing the victim of pulling a gun on them in order to cover up their crime. Just one problem, someone was watching.

Recent video has surfaced showing just how the incident unfolded and it’s not at all how the assailants claimed.

*Warning- the following video is extremely disturbing.


Image via video screen shot

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