Lesbian Teen Verbally Assaulted By Gay Man At School Board Meeting For Wanting Equal Protection

There are no ways around this, sometimes kids can and must lead.  Though they shouldn’t have to, but more on that later.

Casey Akers, 16, spoke with calm dignity in a strong, though halting voice to a packed house at the KISD School Board meeting. “The LGBT community does not want special treatment” she began, “we just want equal treatment.”

Katy Hicks, another student at KISD schools, packed a huge amount of very good research into a short speaking time; all the while being stared at as if she had horns and a tail by a cadaverously frightening old man in the front row.

Can you imagine the terror of walking into a room full of people who are hostile to your very existence? To then deliver a speech imploring these hostile people to ignore their religious and political beliefs and treat you as an equal? All the while knowing that you are already being targeted for standing up for what is right. Knowing, above all, this may make it worse for you.

Continuing to stand up for what is right despite the odds or consequences might just be the definition of courage. Nobody ever said doing the right thing was easy. Courage:

Were you surprised by the vehemence and disgust shown by the man at the end of the video? Would you be shocked to learn that this self-hating gay man is none other than the son of one of the school board members, Jo Lynn Haussmann? Jo Lynn is an outspoken opponent to adding LGBT youth to the protection against bullying.

She has gone so far as to hold private meetings and even disparaged students on the radio, in direct violation of student privacy laws, with unsubstantiated “discipline” records. She also apparently taught her own child to believe that LGBT teens are undeserving of the same rights as other teens. Her son may be a successful gay man, but he certainly doesn’t seem to be capable of reaching down to help any of his gay peers to succeed. It’s a glaring failure of parenting.

So is his failure to introduce himself as his mother’s son. Almost like he knew that it would somehow weaken his effect as a bludgeon against the girls. Using his sexual orientation as a talking point to try to damage fellow LGBT people, and doing so with less than total transparency, makes for a serious lack of credibility. To do it to make his mommy happy, or because his life fell apart? I would say that shows a need for counselling.

Go back to your former glory and “gay nightclub” friends and allow the children to lead, they are doing it better.

The following are all comments from Youtube, as well as a post from the Imaginary Gay Agenda. The IGA made me aware of this story, and is trying to help get these girls heard. As a member of the LGBT community I feel compelled to also help them be heard. Please help them to be heard.

“Hi! Just wanted to keep you posted with the “gay agenda” that’s happening in Keller Texas! Well, sadly a school board trustee went nuts when an LGBT kid had the nerve to petition the school board to be included in their anti-discrimination and anti-bully policy. This bully trustee managed to bring in tons of tea party bigots to speak out against the students. What was even worse is she somehow managed to find a gay man to speak against the LGBT kids and make false accusations against them. These girls just want to be treated equally… Casey and Katie showed grace, composure and professionalism as they made their case for equal treatment. These girls rock! http://youtu.be/RkMCtHv1dwg

“When I found out the 3rd speaker was the gay son of the homophobic school board trustee who keeps saying these girls want special rights, I was pissed. But at the same time sorry for him. How does one go from being a successful club owner in a 20yr relationship with 2 adoptive kids to losing it all , losing custody and living with his mom who goes on and on how gays are going to hell.”

“They thought Glen beck was showing up and it scared the piss out of them. apparently he lives there.”

“Julie McCarty got about 80 assholes to show. She is the president of NE TTP. Northeast Tarrant County tea party”

“Oh my, his mom was on the radio! It aired before her don yelled at the kids. But a parent just found it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xauZoPwMqvg “

Yes, you read that right. The Tarrant County Tea Party is involved in recruiting adults (who would have had no part in this to begin with) to harass and intimidate these kids. A political party is attacking these kids?

I am not surprised, not at all, because now we get on to the part where these brave young women should never have had to do this in the first place. If Al Franken’s Student Non-Discrimination Act hadn’t been killed by the Republicans in the Senate, these girls would never have had to do an adults job. It seems that this high school drama is a microcosm of what the United States is going through.

As Al Franken told Buzzfeed:

Kids have these protections for race, national origin, gender and disability. We want to extend to LGBT kids the same right that other kids have.

Sound Familiar?

There it is, not just the real life need for this bill, but also the real life every day consequences of not having one. Adults behaving badly in large groups while teens try to create tolerance and safety in schools.

Featured image via  Casey Akers’ Facebook page and video screen capture

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