Carson Does Verbal Backflip To Dodge Question About GOP’s Anti-Planned Parenthood Rhetoric (VIDEO)

Ben Carson stated today that there is “no question that hateful rhetoric, no matter which side it comes from, is detrimental to our society,” in response to a question about whether the GOP’s anti-Planned Parenthood talking points (PP) is to blame for the terrorist attack in Colorado Springs.

His answer stopped short, of course, from actually taking ownership of his party’s hateful and divisive PP rhetoric, yet still attempting to look like a reasonable human being. A shocker, but don’t forget, he once again was unable to answer a simple direct question.

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Perhaps he thought the interviewer was talking about the Middle East, or maybe had an agenda? With Carson, it seems we never know what he is actually talking about until he runs to Fox News for clarification. So, I am not getting my hopes up that this rationality is any more transparent than his normal speech – which is somewhere between evil Dr. Seuss and a sleepy Billy Graham.

He then rolls this entire question into an “anti-Islamic Jihadist” tirade. And there it is, the old Carson. Gee, he looked sane for less than a minute.

Here is the video of Ben Carson not actually taking responsibility for anything but reminding us all that “both sides need to tone down their rhetoric”:

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