BUSTED: Watch This Cop Tell Lie After Lie On Camera (VIDEO)

Ricky Munday and Tom Zebra are part of an organization that performs “cop watches,” known as Mistaken Bacon. To put it plainly, they make sure police are being held accountable to the citizens they serve.

The officer in this video, Sergeant Wank, did not know who they were initially before his encounter with them and figured they were two normal people. Had he, he never would have stopped the gentlemen in the first place and made a complete fool out of himself.

This just goes to show how police officers sometimes act when they do not think they are being watched — and this video is a perfect example of this.

Tom Zebra tells the officer to “slow down” from his bicycle as the officer speeds by them too closely in his police car, which actually is in violation of a California law that states,”motorists will be required to maintain a 3-foot buffer between themselves and bicyclists when they pass cyclists traveling in the same direction.”

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles:

If not enough space is available, the motorist must “slow down” and pass when no danger is present to the bicyclist.

Very cleverly, Tom Zebra only tells the officer to “slow down” which is exactly the language the law itself uses. This does not suit well with the cop, being told what to do by a mere civilian, because he immediately pulls his car over and rushes up to Mr. Zebra in an attempt to intimidate him:

Are you talking to me? Are you out of your mind?

Sergeant Wank then grabs the biker by the arm in an attempt to get him off the street.

Once the bikers inform him he is on camera, the officer changes his demeanor completely.

Officer Wank is being a wank. Image via Live Leak.com

Officer Wank is being a wank. Image via Live Leak.com

LIE # 1:

Officer Wank says:

No, this is being recorded already. There is a microphone here, as he points to his belt (the green light is off).

Let the record show that he hits the button at the :38 mark in the video, and the light turns on. This can be clearly seen on the video.

Sergeant Wank is really nice at this point:

I will give you a business card if you would like.

One is left to wonder why the Sergeant is being so nice all of a sudden, and he looks very uncomfortable in both his body language and tone.

The bikers say:

Officer, you seriously need to work on your attitude. There’s no need to jump out and attack us like that.

Lie # 2:

Sergeant Wank responds:

Nobody attacked you, I’m just talking to you (even though the video shows him putting his hands on them).

Lie # 3:

When asked why he pulled them over, Sergeant Wank tries to defend himself in front of another cop who came to the scene:

I pulled you over to see if you were okay.

Lie # 4:

The Sergeant just keeps lying:

Listen to me, everything we do is recorded. So…umm…it’s not about whether we are….Of course everything we do is recorded, the light is green….the light is green.

Tom Zebra call hims out and says: “It is now.”

Lie #  5:

We don’t have body cams like that. Other places might. You can’t turn it off from here (pointing to his belt as to imply he has no control over it). There is no on and off switch here.

Clearly a lie.

This is what’s priceless, when the cop realizes he is talking to two guys who are professional cop watchers:

What does this mean (looking at their business cards)? Mistaken Bacon?

Lie # 6 ( a repeated lie):

I was just trying to make sure you were alright.

At this point, the reality is really starting to sink in and Sergeant Wank realizes what has just happened:

I’m going to be on the internet now.

Yep – yes you are. Busted.

Watch the entire video here:

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