Bryan Fischer: ‘Big Gay’ Intimidated Pope Into Repudiating Kim Davis Meeting (VIDEO)

The obsession continues. Bryan Fischer is so hung up on his “Gay Gestapo” fantasies that it’s becoming embarrassing. But he keeps on it like a dog with a bone. Ummm… yes. Embarrassing.

This time, he thinks that the gays have managed to intimidate the Pope into disavowing his meeting with anti-gay icon Kim Davis. That Davis and her deranged attorney, Mat Staver, lied about the meeting is immaterial to Fischer. In fact, he believes Staver over the Pope on this. Because Staver is

“… a man of absolute, unquestioned integrity, so when Mat Staver speaks, he is going to tell you the truth.”

Except when he doesn’t. Like when he lied about a picture of a May 2014 prayer rally in Peru being a prayer vigil in support of Davis. Or when he said that the ladies on “The View” called for Davis to be killed. But he is a man of “unquestioned integrity.” Some strange new meaning of the words of which we had been previously unaware, I guess.

Fischer went on to lay out his theory that “Big Gay” had leaned on the Pontiff, making him lie about the supposedly secret meeting. It happened. It had to. Because Mat Staver said so. But those darned gays even control the Vatican!

“What this story illustrates is the power of the Gay Gestapo. What this story illustrates is the power and the influence of pro-sodomy lobby in international affairs. Big Gay and homosexual lobby, homosexual activists, have so much power that they can intimidate the pope himself … The bigots and bullies of Big Gay have intimidated the pope.”

Who is this “Big Gay” of which Fischer speaks? Some say he lives in Queens and his name is Gary. Some say that he is “Big Gay Al” of “South Park” fame. Some say “Big Gay” is a Seattle lesbian named Stella. As for me, I think “Big Gay” is a legend, like Pecos Bill. Maybe Fischer was told stories about “Big Gay” when he was a wee bigot in his crib and they scared him so much he never forgot it. Or intrigued him. Same difference.

We know that people who obsess over homosexuality are afraid that they may be gay. So they strike out against the (they think) threat. Fischer seems to be so far into the closet that he can see his Grandfather’s zoot suits. Kinda makes me feel sorry for him. Almost.

Here’s the video via Right Wing Watch:

Photo Credit: Screen Capture

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