Bryan Fischer Attacks Anderson Cooper: Gay Reporters Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Cover Orlando (VIDEO)

We can always count on Bryan Fischer, the spokesman of the American Family Association, to come out and say something stupid after any big story and this week was no exception. This time, Fischer chose to jump on Anderson Cooper for Cooper’s interview with Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi.

In case you missed it, Cooper interviewed Bondi on Monday and it didn’t go well for her. The interview started cordial enough, as Cooper let Bondi talk about preventing scams that might be sprouting up to take advantage of the situation. But then he brought up her statement on Sunday when she said that anyone who attacked “our LGBT community” would be pursued with the full extent, etc. Cooper noted that he had spoken with gays and lesbians in Orlando and that they felt Bondi was a “hypocrite” because of what she said.

It was not her shining hour, so on Tuesday, Bondi went on WOR radio and denounced Cooper for making her look bad doing his job. She went even further, saying that Cooper chose to “encourage anger and hate” rather than using his position as a “champion” for LGBT rights to “lift up” victims. Making him out to be the bad guy, of course.

That, it turns out, is something that Bryan Fischer was pleased to help Bondi accomplish. On his Wednesday “Focal Point” show, Fischer decided that he’d re-do the interview, answering the questions Anderson Cooper had put to Pam Bondi. But, before he began, Fischer blasted Cooper for even having done the interview:

Anderson Cooper, who is an open, admitted homosexual … therefore ought to recuse himself from any story like this. He has no business trying to do journalism on an issue as fraught with emotion as the homosexual agenda. He’s disqualified from providing any kind of objective journalistic treatment of that topic.

Fischer had the questions fed to him from the audio of the original interview. He then answered them. Better than she did. Supposedly.

This opens up a whole new can of worms. If a journalist is the same (fill in the blank) as the person whom s/he is interviewing/covering/writing about, should s/he be disqualified from doing so? So a black reporter has no business interviewing a Black Lives Matter activist? Or a Jew can never do a report on Israel? Or — oh, my — a Christian should not be writing about Bryan Fischer? Good thing I’m not a Christian, then.

Bryan Fischer is childish. Everything in his world comes down to whether or not he thinks God is unhappy (hint: if He is, it’s always the same things Fischer is unhappy about). He thinks that, if he re-does an interview, that cancels out the original. He thinks that, contrary to common sense, a journalist cannot have the same worldview as the victims in an attack he is covering for the news.

If Fischer really gave a damn about the victims and families affected by the shooting in Orlando, he’d donate to their fund. Or, if that’s too much for him to muster, maybe he can just shut up and let the adults cover the story.

Here’s the clip (courtesy of Right Wig Watch):


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