Brilliant Video Shows Homophobes What They Sound Like To The Rest Of Us (VIDEO)

As marriage equality sweeps the nation like a never-ending, glittery rainbow, most of us are more than overjoyed. Even the White House recently came out to officially urge the Supreme Court to make equal marriage the law of the land. However, there are still people who aren’t on board the gay train; in fact there are many who are actively, and vocally, against not only marriage equality, but any sorts of non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people whatsoever.

You see, LGBTQ people are one of the last groups left where it is still – at least in some circles – socially acceptable to openly mock, degrade, and discriminate against. Well, the good folks at Girl Pants Productions have capitalized on that fact to show homophobes just how insane they sound to people who aren’t, well, raving bigots.

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The group brilliantly uses prejudices that are no longer socially acceptable anywhere, such as racism, prejudice against vegetarians and vegans, and even silly things such as liking a certain ice cream flavors or movie fandoms or sports teams, to show people who are against LGBTQ rights how absolutely insane they sound when they say the things they say to us. By taking their common anti- LGBTQ phrases such as “it’s just a phase,” and “what will they want next,” and applying it to bigotry that no longer flies in the public sphere, Girl Pants Productions has created what could sincerely help LGBTQ people turn a corner with the homophobes in their lives.

While I don’t expect a miracle, personally, I do expect it to make people think.

Watch this brilliance below:

H/T: Queerty | Featured Image: Video Screenshot

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