BREAKING: Cops Publicly Execute Unarmed Man With His Hands Up In The Air (VIDEO)

A man was running away from the cops with his hands up in the air, in Pasco, WA recently when police decided to publicly execute him.

 He was throwing rocks in the street, which meant he was a danger that needed to be taken out, according to the police. 

What exactly transpired before this incident, is no longer even relevant. The video clearly shows that the man’s hands are up. This is what happens when you decide to run from the police.

Don’t people learn? You’re not supposed to disobey police officers. Maybe, the shootings will stop when citizens bow down to their complete and unquestionable authority. It’s not like he was a productive member of society, right? He was throwing rocks, and disturbing the peace.

One of the witnesses on the scene, said of the horrifying episode:

I really thought they were just going to walk up and tackle or tase him. But, they opened fire. His back was turned.

Before the man even begins to cross the street, you see one of the officers open fire. This is apparently due to the fact that he was at first running towards them, but then after the first gunshot, he started running away.

It would be impossible to mistake him for having a weapon, since his hands are up the whole time. 

It doesn’t take long for this distance runner to figure out that he’s not going to get very far, so in an attempt to turn himself in, he slowly turns around. In typical fashion, the cops shoot first, think later.

As if this wasn’t enough, they handcuff him, after he is already dead. 

And, there you have it. Another unarmed person, executed in public, for all to see. God, the NRA, Republicans, hate-mongers everywhere, all probably have a big smile on their faces.

When will the madness stop?

Watch for yourself:

Here is another video showing what happened after the shooting, yet from a different angle:

H/T: Free Thought Project | Featured Image: Youtube screen capture

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