Black Cop Investigated After Posting: White Cops ‘Are Looking For A Reason To Kill A Black Man’ (VIDEO)

An African American police officer in Cincinnati, Ohio is under investigation after he posted an inflammatory remark on Facebook accusing white officers of looking for justifications to kill black men.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac is reviewing the officer’s recent Facebook post to determine whether or not it violates the department’s “social media procedure and our rules and regulations.”

The officer, who was left unnamed in the original reports, was later identified as Officer Freddie Vincent by FOX 19.

In his Facebook post, Vincent wrote:

When you are encountered by a white officer make sure that you are in a public place, and comply to all of their commands, because they are looking for a reason to kill a black man…And always keep your hands in the air, and never resist. I’m so tired of cops using these famous words ‘I was in fear of my life.’

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There are indications which suggest that Vincent made the comments in response to the most recently publicized police shootings of African American men like Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.

Cincinnati  City Manager Harry Black and Chief Isaac have both issued statements informing the public that they are in the process of reviewing Vincent’s conduct and will decide on disciplinary measures at a later date.

Whether or not Vincent gets fired, make no mistake, his career in law enforcement is over. And it’s over not necessarily because he made a racially charged statement, but rather because he spoke against other cops. Let’s not forget about the shooting of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old black male who a Cincinnati police officer shot within just four seconds of recklessly rushing onto the scene.

There was also the death of John Crawford III who was shot by police inside a Walmart store in Beavercreek, Ohio, both Crawford and Rice were carrying toy guns, and were never given a chance to live.

Featured image via YouTube.


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