Bill Maher Talks About Crazy Republicans And Calif. Having Only One Year Of Water Left (VIDEO)

During Bill Maher’s opening monologue last night he talks about crazy Republicans and the fact that California only has 1-year of water left.

Being a resident of both America and California, for me theses topics are spot-on and scary as hell. The squirrels have taken to drinking chemical treated pool water, and the Republicans have taken to writing letters bashing President Obama to other nations.  By-the-way, it’s not a good idea to give a thirsty rodent coffee, maybe congressional Republicans too. Lesson learned, at least about me and giving squirrels coffee.

According to NASA, California is in for a mega-drought which could last decades. As of now, the state only has about one year of a water supply left with no contingency plan in place whatsoever.  Well, really they have three plans; 1) Do nothing; 2) Stay in emergency ration mode; and 3) Pray for rain.

The crazy coming from the Republicans, well,  I’ll let Bill tell you!



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