Bill Maher Rips Behavior Of NYPD, Asks If They Suffer From PMS (VIDEO)

Bill Maher thinks that it’s time the NYPD gets over its collective butthurt caused by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s reaction to recent events in New York City. On the January 9 edition of “Real Time With Bill Maher,” Maher asks, “When did the NYPD start suffering from PMS?”

Maher says that if the public has to constantly prove to the police how much we love them, “we’re not supporting them, we’re dating them.”

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Leave it to Maher to cut to the quick of the matter, when he says:

“Yes, you have a tough, dirty job, but you volunteered for it. It’s like a proctologist coming home every night and saying ‘I can’t believe I have to look at assholes all day.'”

Maher makes it clear that he supports the police, and that he knows that the job of police officers “is looking at assholes all day.” Then he goes on to talk about the work stoppage that the NYPD has been engaging in for the past couple of weeks, because the mayor “hasn’t said he loves them enough.”

Maher observes that the real reason the police are upset with de Blasio is because the mayor made an accurate observation as the father of a black son. He displays the quote from de Blasio that has some of the officers so worked up.

There are… many families in this city that [ask] every night, is my child safe? And not just from crime and violence… but… from the very people they want to have faith in as their protectors.

“How dare he spread a myth that is only corroborated by every single black person, ever?” Maher asks.

Cops have feelings, too.

Maher says that feeling unloved is no excuse for not doing your job. He says that one cop observed that there are people who don’t like the police. “Yes,” Maher says, “because you choke them to death.” He acknowledges that it is not most cops who do things like that, but he says that it raises the question of when did the police become infallible.

He then goes through the list of recent high profile killings at the hands of police, noting that no matter what the police do, they say it was “by the book.”

“Maybe you need to get a new book,” Maher says.

“When was the last time you heard a cop say, ‘yeah, we got that one wrong?’ It never happens,” he observes.

Maher finishes with a shot at police unions, saying that it is the police union in New York that is endorsing the work slow down, the police union in Cleveland that defended the shooting of Tamir Rice, and police unions that are opposing the use of body cameras for police officers. He believes that it is this “cry baby” sort of behavior that allows Republicans to attack unions, and get support from the public for doing so. But Maher makes it clear that he thinks we need unions. Just not the kind of unions that encourage their members to not do their jobs, or accept accountability.

Here’s the video, from HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher”:


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