Ben Stein Calls For ‘Big Baby’ Trump To ‘Man Up’ And Stop His ‘Whiny B*tchiness’ (VIDEO)

Tuesday, Actor/Economist Ben Stein appeared on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto discussing Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump’s recent campaign meltdown over the last few weeks.

Stein, scolding the billionaire candidate, said the Colorado’s delegates wasn’t stolen or plucked off using what Trump’s delegate manager, Paul Manafort, described on Sunday as “Gestapo Tactics.” Manafort was asked on NBC’s Meet The Press by host Chuck Todd if he believed Cruz was threatening delegates:

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Manafort said, “Well, he’s threatening––you go to these county conventions and you see the Gestapo tactics…

Stein maintained that Trump and his team utterly failed to read the delegate rules carefully:

He didn’t have one paid staffer on the ground” in Colorado, Stein said. “I assume he knows how to read,” he added. “He’s supposed to be so rich. Can’t he hire someone to read the rules?

Stein’s correct. As far back as January, Ted Cruz’s campaign was in Colorado identifying his leading supporters among both the grass root and Republican political elite base. His campaign then mobilized them to navigate through Colorado Republican’s complicated caucus process.

Trump’s campaign had no comparable organization effort in Colorado. They waited until less than a week before the state assembly to hire an in-state consultant, at which point Cruz already won the first delegates during early Congressional district gatherings.

During one Congressional Assembly, two members of the Trump campaign’s slate just failed to pay the fee required to run for a delegate position. Trump’s state assembly handouts were also full of errors, with misspelled and even completely wrong names.

The Trump people, they were just a hot mess,” said former Secretary of State Scott Gessler, who ran successfully as an RNC delegate on the Cruz slate. “It’s not that frickin’ complex. … Kasich’s people were organized. They didn’t have any support, but you don’t hear them complaining

On the show, Stein finally reached his cordial limit, he straight up called for Trump to “Man Up” and stop the”whiny bitchiness.” Here’s the video.

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