Ben Carson Wants To Build A Coalition Of Our Allies To Fight ISIS–Too Bad He Can’t Name A SINGLE One (VIDEO)

Ben Carson had a moment that had to be a painful reminder to Sarah Palin of her Katie Couric interview. Appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Carson was speaking about how he would deal with ISIS if he were elected President. After some nonsensical garbage about special forces and ground operations he obviously read in a Tom Clancy book, Carson was stumped by a question anyone with an eight-grade education in America could answer: which of our allies would you call on to join your coalition?

Carson, obviously lacking a basic knowledge of the region all regions, decided to go back to explaining how we can “inspire” our allies with boots on the ground and random killing sprees in…someplace over there. Wallace asks several times, and the best he can come up with is “the Arab States” and “all of our traditional allies,” because he didn’t want to “leave anybody out.”

Sorry, Ben. The correct answer to the who you would call first question today is “France.”

The people who think they are qualified to run this country and their high poll numbers should have us all  very concerned for our future.


Watch Ben Carson fail at world history 101 and basic geography below:

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