Armed Vet At UCC DESTROYS ‘Good Guy With A Gun’ Theory, Explains Why He Didn’t Rush In (VIDEO)

John Parker is a student at Umpqua Community College and a military veteran. He is a highly trained and qualified person who was carrying a concealed weapon on campus Thursday when shots rang out and the “active shooter” situation began.

Parker explained in an interview with MSNBC, why he and other vets who were carrying made the decision not to go running into the building where the shooter was wreaking havoc. While it must have been devastating to know that he may have been able to help, Parker kept his calm and stayed where he was — prepared to defend the room he was in, if necessary.

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Since the shooting, gun nuts have declared that yet another “gun free zone” was responsible for the deaths of nine people. They have declared that had they been there rather than playing HALO in their Mom’s basement, that things would have been much different. As Parker explained, they are right. They could have caused more harm than good by rushing into a situation they were in the dark about, ultimately getting themselves and others killed in the crossfire with a shooter, or with police who would have had no idea they were “good guys.”

Parker makes it known that he has the right to carry. He obviously believes in the Second Amendment. There is little doubt that had the shooter happened to have come into the room he was in that he would have responded with lethal force, being fully trained to do so. He would also have made sure the other occupants were securely hidden behind him and that he was in control of the situation.

That’s what training and competence accomplish.

The ammosexuals of America aren’t highly trained military veterans for the most part. They’re glory-hound meat heads who think because they have a gun no crime will be committed within a mile of their location. John Parker is, unfortunately, the exception to the rule rather than the standard. Gun nuts will say that if there was a Parker in every classroom this wouldn’t have happened. To them, that will sound reasonable — as if hiring millions of trained people and arming our schools like military installations is the answer to our problems.

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Watch a reasonable concealed carry gun owner explain why running into a gun fight is a bad idea.

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